Link Love: 9.25.08

1. Marilyn Monroe kept her life locked away inside two filing cabinets that have been hidden from the world for nearly four decades. Photographer Mark Anderson began an epic two-year project of documenting the contents and here’s what he found.

2. Totally random but super cool: a collection of vintage typewriter tins featuring some amazing typography.

3. Six reasons why freelancers should have a niche blog.

4. Okay, so maybe this isn’t funny to you, but I LOVE IT! Here’s a video of Michael Jackson getting repeatedly pushed into his swimming pool at Neverland by a bunch of hyperactive children! And who knew that Macaulay Culkin was such a crazy driver?!!

5. One of the most neglected parts of a blog is usually the comments section. But, never fear! Here are 30 must-see comment designs!

6. The Truth About Creating a High Traffic Blog is a brilliant read.

7. Where is your username registered? This site will save you hours of site-hopping by immediately letting you know if your username is still available!

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