What I Wore: 9.21.08

On our last night in Vegas, with the long hours of the inspiring Blogworld Expo behind us, Gala and I decided that we needed outfit photos in front of a hotel pool. Except, it was closed!

We made a pact that we were going to push through the doors anyway, tripod and all, even if it set off an alarm. Sure enough, the high pitched shriek of the alarm went off and we kept moving.

We set up the tripod and camera in record time, shot our pictures in five minutes flat and pushed back through the doors, setting off the alarm again. Shockingly, the security guard was on his way out to find the “intruders” and held the door open for us! Hahaha!

I wore:

Shirt, H&M
Plaid suspender skirt, H&M
Key necklace, gift
Leggings, F21
Lace-up heels, ZINDA
Red cross watch, Target

Gala wore:

Tank top, American Apparel
Skirt, H&M
Veronica shortie boots, Frye
Licorice strap ring, Tokyo Made

P.S. The lighting was pretty dark, but we did get a clearer photo of our outfits later on that night at the Hard Rock Cafe with Tim Kern’s good friend Sprinkle! (Tim is responsible for both Sprinkle’s and Gala’s amazing tattoos!)

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