The Week in Pictures: 9.19.08

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I spent most of my week in New York holed up in the Virgo Boarding House with Gala Darling and our gracious tattooed host. In the midst of distractions including prosthetic limbs, books about serial killers, a variety of skulls and antique wheelchairs, we managed to get a surprising amount of work done.

Our nightly routine consisted of sitting on the velvet couch together, each of us working on our laptops with a movie running in the background. It was a definite bonding experience and we had many funny moments (like on Thursday at midnight when our host convinced us that the face of Jay Leno was imprinted into a tree down the street). I also chased after an ice cream truck and sat around listening to obscene amounts of George Michael with Gala. At one point, we schemed about clubbing intruders with the prosthetic leg of an obese man that resided near the couch. It was literally a solid week of nonstop twisted fun that I am very grateful for!

Last Saturday was spent in Central Park with friends from around the country (and world) for the Virgo Birthday Extravaganza and it was everything I could have hoped for. Presents, cupcakes, lady bloggers, rings and balloons only added to the magic!

The Virgo birthday night stay at the Hotel on Rivington was a hit, partly because of this view of the city from our floor-to-ceiling windows (and this shower didn’t hurt, either):

Monday day (my actual birthday) was spent recovering from the previous day’s extravaganza. Gala and I hauled our hefty birthday cake back onto the subway and after tons of traveling across the city, it was miraculously still intact!

Bianca and Eliza took me out to Death & Co. for fancy drinks on Sunday night. The bare black walls and chandeliers were totally in line with my aesthetics! We also slipped in some photo booth fun:

We finished off the evening at my favorite club night, Sway surrounded by three Colombian guys who looked like models and claimed at different points to be twins and brothers but we were having too much of a good time to question them! Later in the night, I made friends with a painter who used to live in Portland and we had a quick birthday dance and listened to Journey on my iPod. It’s nice to find little reminders of home where you’re so far away.

On Wednesday, Bianca did a photo shoot of Gala and I in the East Village streets. Creepy men kept stepping in to see what we were up to and offer their assistance. Finally, it was time say goodbye to Bianca and move onto the Meatpacking District:

At the Hotel Gansevoort, Gala and I sipped overpriced drinks and were soon being chatted up by a guy who claimed to be an ex-basketball player, a porn star, a bodyguard and to have a gunshot wound. Haha, can you tell that we weren’t impressed?

As we exited the hotel, camera crew suddenly surrounded us. The commentator asked us a bizarre series of questions and I think we held up pretty well under the pressure! It was a very odd, drawn-out experience that finally pushed us to flash our matching rings to get this hunky greaseball to back off:

Because the Virgo Boarding House was located in Brooklyn, it required a bit of a jaunt to get into the city. Completely unfazed by our lengthy treks, we made fantastic use of the subway time. Discussions included topics ranging from what hair-covered people are called (an elderly woman seated nearby looked me in the eye and sharply responded “WOLF MAN,”) to Michael Jackson’s whimsical pajama choices (lobsters, anyone)?

New York really turned on the charm this week. And now, I’m sitting in a Vegas hotel room warming up for the Blogworld Expo in the morning! I can’t believe how much has happened in a week! Life is beyond good!

P.S. An extra special thank you to Loulou for the stunning birthday present and to Gilda for inviting Gala and I along to explore the city’s finest department stores!

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