Daily Archives: September 17, 2008

The Virgo Birthday Extravaganza: Afterparty Edition!

Nubs & The Corn prepare to launch! (Photo by Gilda)

After we’d returned from the Central Park Extravaganza, Gala and I invited some friends including ladybloggers Star, Gilda and Marie back to our room at the Hotel on Rivington. We soon found out that Marie had snuck along a little something extra in her bag…a corn suit!

I’d heard rumors of ‘the corn,’ but I had no idea just how full-on corny it was! As Marie tells the story, one fateful day, it was delivered to her doorstep in California under mysterious circumstances and it’s been a full-on lovefest ever since. Wherever Marie goes, the corn follows…even if it’s to someone else’s hotel room on the other side of the country. As you might have already guessed, Marie and I immediately bonded over a love of bed jumping and disturbing costumes.

Later that night, I initiated a round of the infamous Bed Jumping Olympics. The only issue was that our mattress was a Tepur-Pedic model that did not bounce. Every time I landed, I had the distinct feeling of sinking into quicksand! I tried leaping in the spirit of David Lee Roth and fell flat every time. I was quickly overcome with a feeling of total defeat.

Marie, Star and I jumped and jumped and jumped while Gala and Gilda smarty stayed on the sidelines.

What I Wore: 9.13.08 Evening

Corn, borrowed from Marie
Polkadot tights, Nordstrom
Black tunic (for modesty’s sake), LA Made
Lace-front feels, ZINDA

Of course, the corn suit alone wasn’t enough. Being the fashion plate that she is, Marie also brought along matching sunglasses. I think this is one of my better looks.

The jumping really wore me out. Later, the other lady bloggers repeatedly tried to wake me for photos, but I got grumpy and refused to sit up. There are only 4.5 lady bloggers present because I don’t quite count:

After our company left, Gala and I had one last moment of birthday bonding when we threw cakes over the balcony. The thump echoed when they hit the ground. And with that, our heads hit the pillows hard. The day was totally surreal and by far the best birthday yet. I have no idea how we’ll top this next year, but being two scheming and plotting Virgos, I’m sure we’ll figure something out!