The Virgo Birthday Extravaganza: 2008

Gala Darling and I did our joint birthday celebration / union in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields on Saturday afternoon and it was absolutely magical! I flew to New York overnight without any time to adjust (or sleep) beforehand so it felt very surreal as I ran around the city doing pre-party errands with Star, Marie and Lola in tow, attempting to pick out pink balloons, track down four dozen cupcakes and lug around one very heavy triple-layer birthday cake!

Gala was getting her makeup done at MAC, so we didn’t see her until we arrived at Central Park. She literally looked like Barbie on acid! The Betsey Johnson dress and shoes she’d chosen coupled with her glittery makeup, pink hair and tattoos made her easy to spot, even from across the park!

Polaroids by Miss Marie ‘Corn’ Agent Lover

In stark contrast to Gala’s glittery color masterpiece, I dressed very graphic and minimal, channeling Steve Perry in my white tailcoat. I was glad I dressed comfortably because it was really humid!

The grass around Strawberry Fields was damp, so we all moved to a massive rock formation instead.

The crowd was awesome; many people we’d never met before gave us gifts including rings (thanks, Poochie!), roses, a bottle of champagne, fake nails, the coolest tights EVER from Doe, books and even corsages that were handmade by Marie (mine featured Michael Jackson, Gala’s had Biggie). As you can see, we were totally elated:

Star hopped over and did a faux wedding ceremony on the fly! She made a fantastic priestess!

For most of the two plus hours, we sat around chatting and eating cupcakes while Bianca mounted her flash in a tree and took portraits off all of our party goers! It was fascinating realizing that the people at our party originated from all over (Australia, North Carolina, Singapore, California). And, of course having the rest of the lady bloggers in tow made it that much better.

Photos of the happy Virgos by Bianca Alexis

The party was pretty tiring (it was about 80 degrees out), so Gala and I dragged our cake and presents onto the subway, all the way back to our amazing room at the Hotel On Rivington. I’ll be updating about our post-party antics very shortly. Stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Central Park and helped us eat the gazillion cupcakes! Your generosity, gifts and company made the day hugely enjoyable. I hope to see you again next year!

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