Daily Archives: September 9, 2008

Party Time!

Being a Virgo, my birthday is rapidly approaching. This year, I will be turning 27 (official date: September 14th)!!! I have an upstanding tradition of celebrating my birthday with friends in New York City every year, but this one in particular is going to be extra super special! Why, you ask?!

Gala Darling is also a Virgo (our birthdays are only one day apart) and we will be throwing a joint party at a daytime shindig in Central Park, complete with cupcakes!

When I met up with Gala in New York back in July, we joked about being ‘Virgo soul mates.’ Naturally, when I told our mutual friend Star about it, she had the brilliant idea to draw our birthday invite as a wedding invitation! Haha, I love it!!!

Meet up with Gala, me, Bianca, Star, Marie, Gilda and some other friends from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (or so) on September 13th in Strawberry Fields. This party should be magical! Also, does anyone want to ride the carousel with me?!

This year for my birthday, I’d much prefer to receive a few things that I really, really love over piles of stuff. A nice pair of (out of season) Chloés, a cute Twelve by Twelve sweater and a YSL coin purse would more than do the trick! Hee.

I’m not expecting anything, but if you’re really keen on sending me a card or gift, drop me an email at nubby @ nubbytwiglet.com!

I hope to finally meet some of you face to face this Saturday!