Link Love: 8.28.08

1. Smashing Magazine offers up 30 free high quality WordPress themes!

2. Gala Darling just posted her birthday wishlist. Whip out that credit card and get shoppin’!

3. Camille is a fellow Oregonian with a perfect mix of high / low style that I love and was just featured in a NY Times Style Mag article.

4. The Daily News offers up a list of fashion’s 50 most powerful people.

5. AideRSS is a free service that researches every blog post you make and shows its ranking so you can see what’s the most popular! I use it almost every day now and it’s helped me focus my energy on the types of posts that do the best.

6. The one and only Mademoiselle Robot just interviewed me about style!

7. Sailorette offers up a rundown (with links) of her favorite lady bloggers here.

8. The NY Times blog The Moment is compiling a list of its many fans in its right-hand column and all you need to do is offer up some link love!

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