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The Week in Pictures: 7/25/08

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

Wow, this week has flown by! But, I do have some fun news to report; Apartment Therapy just featured me on their site and we’re scheduling a house tour very soon!

Last Friday at the Nemo Design semi-annual meeting, someone had the brilliant idea to unveil pictures of the new employees in a mug shot format. As you can see, we have quite the cast of characters. The next day, they were posted in the hallway! What do you think my offense would be? Shoplifting? Loitering?!

On Sunday, I took Lee and Smokey to the Nemo picnic in Sellwood. Since Nemo has boats, we were set up near the water. There’s nothing like a catered barbecue! Of course, right when I finally decided that I would go for a boat ride, the engine flooded!

In totally random news, Lee designed a rock poster for Emmylou Harris. I’m not normally into country music, but I was lured in by a comp ticket. We ended up parking on a steep hill about a half mile from the concert and I had to hike through winding trails and other brush in heels to reach the show. This was on the way down, where I have a half walking / half jogging motion going on while I try to keep my balance!

Luckily, all was well once I got ahold of a massive elephant ear. It was at least as big as my head (and sooo tasty)!

Here’s my work computer; as usual, I’m on a total Herb Lubalin kick!

How was your week?

Haus Beautiful: New Additions

Today, I’d like to share a few of my favorite new house-related purchases. One of the places I religiously visit when I’m in New York is Fish’s Eddy, which has the best selection of dishes, both vintage relics from restaurants and airlines in addition to clever new offerings. This time, a small tray resembling a restaurant order pad caught my attention:

This weekend I was perusing Urban Outfitters in Portland and found this metal replica of antelope antlers. I hung it next to my closet in my room in case I need to hang up a shirt, a scarf, a pair of socks or something else I don’t want to forget. Cute and practical!

Finally, I also picked up a red enamel ‘A’ from Urban Outfitters.

There’s a ton of other colors and letters to choose from and they’re already rigged for hanging on the back. Though, I happened to have an old white shelf so I used that for display instead. Here’s the wall next to my desk in my office:

Have you found anything spectacular lately to decorate your dwelling? Show me!

Nemo Design Employee t-Shirts

Lately, I haven’t had a chance to share much of my design work since it’s been mostly freelance for my clients and work for Nemo (and their clients). But this week, I got a really fun assignment. One of my tasks was to come up with a t-shirt design for the Nemo employees that could be handed out at the end of our semi-annual meeting on Thursday. 


The challenge was to make the design Nemo-centric but to avoid simply slapping the nemo logo across the shirt in an obvious way. My idea was to make a collage of things that represent Nemo as a company and more specifically, to include references to some of our employees. After I got started, my art director Chris stepped in with a list of all the random one-liners I could ever need.


So, thank you to Chris for inspiration, last-minute re-arranging and additions, to Rodger for the hillarious illustrations of the Airsoft gun, taser and ‘Spotted Dick’ (whatever that means!) and to Lee for getting them printed just in time. I love working for a company that has a sense of humor! 


The Week in Pictures: 7/18/08

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

I landed at the Portland airport after my brief Phoenix stay late Sunday night. Once I arrived home, I promptly fell asleep, but my Virgo tendencies couldn’t rest. I was back up at 6 a.m. to unpack my suitcase and then get ready for work. Since then, I’ve been catching up on everything that I fell behind in while I was away for 10 days.


When I was in New York last week, I got these metallic Prada-esque socks at H&M and love them so much. I’ve been wearing more knee highs lately because they’re much cooler than leggings in the summer and have that classic schoolgirl / lolita vibe. 


Here’s some recent inspiration that I’ve left sitting out in my office. The New York postcard (with inspirational stuff on written on the back) is courtesy of Gala. Awww. 


So, the big event for this week was the Nemo Design semi-annual company meeting. We had a big catered lunch and the funniest part was the table specifically assigned to the ‘Vegetarians.’ Now, I’m not hardcore about being veggie (I eat fish), but I wasn’t going to chance sitting at one of the ‘regular tables’ and end up with a slab of meat. Haha. 


When we were all seated at our tables, a massive portrait of all the employees was unveiled. ‘The Cult of Nemo’ lives on! 


After the lunch, we had a few hour meeting about the company in general with a host of speakers. I sat near Todd because he rules.

I have some more things to share with you later like the company t-shirt I just designed, but they will have to wait a wee bit longer. Stay tuned!

How was your week?