Daily Archives: July 31, 2008

Link Love: 8.1.08

1. Sea of Shoes is my latest blog obsession. Jane, a teen in Texas manages to wear the latest designer offerings in a way that’s completely fresh and unstuffy. And, her shoe collection rivals those of women three times her age.

2. The history of the ampersand. &!

3. What recession?! These magazines are printed for the privileged few that must have money growing on trees.

4. Gilda’s article Coming Out of the Closet is the most inspirational blog post I’ve read all month. She recounts a recent run-in at the Patricia Field store with a guy from Memphis struggling to accept who he was. She literally opened him up to a whole new way of living just by striking up a conversation!

5. Steve Palina asks the question “What If You Have Many Different Interests and Cannot Commit to Any of Them?” Thankfully, he claims that this can be a hugely beneficial issue to have!

6. Darren Rowse offers up 21 ways to make your blog sticky and they’re pretty much what a high-priced consultant would recommend! So good.