Nemo Design Employee t-Shirts

Lately, I haven’t had a chance to share much of my design work since it’s been mostly freelance for my clients and work for Nemo (and their clients). But this week, I got a really fun assignment. One of my tasks was to come up with a t-shirt design for the Nemo employees that could be handed out at the end of our semi-annual meeting on Thursday. 


The challenge was to make the design Nemo-centric but to avoid simply slapping the nemo logo across the shirt in an obvious way. My idea was to make a collage of things that represent Nemo as a company and more specifically, to include references to some of our employees. After I got started, my art director Chris stepped in with a list of all the random one-liners I could ever need.


So, thank you to Chris for inspiration, last-minute re-arranging and additions, to Rodger for the hillarious illustrations of the Airsoft gun, taser and ‘Spotted Dick’ (whatever that means!) and to Lee for getting them printed just in time. I love working for a company that has a sense of humor! 


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