Link Love: 7.17.08

1. In How to Earn Your First Love Dollar, Steve Pavlina makes the argument that all you need to do to move forward with your dream profession is to make that first dollar doing whatever it is that you love. He goes on to say that:

When you accept that first love dollar, you tell the universe, “Okay, I’m willing to be paid for this kind of work. Can you bring me more opportunities like this?” And the universe will say, “Absolutely… no problem.”

2. Gala Darling teaches us how to be more assertive. Super practical and timeless advice!

3. When you should add a newsletter to your blog? ProBlogger unlocks the mystery!

4. In case you’re curious (and I know I was!), Kate tells us how to get into Parsons and other big name art schools.

5. Does photographing yourself and your style equal narcissism? Tricia of bits+bobbins always makes us think!

6. Here’s a selection of cool business cards courtesy of Inspiredology!

7. Copyblogger offers up two great resources, 10 quick tips for building a business online and 10 key things to do before starting a business blog.

8. In case you’ve ever wondered, here’s how to use PR people to build traffic to your blog!

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