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The Week in Pictures: 6/27/08

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This week has been all about preparations and tidying up last minute details. I have the craziest week coming up; next Wednesday is my solo art show and then on Thursday night, I’m leaving for a quickie NYC vacation. Then, on my way back to Portland, I’m stopping in Arizona (hot! hot!) for a brief stay with my mom and stepdad at their amazing new house.

Last Friday, I was sitting at my desk very early in the morning when I heard a huge crash. Seems that someone had a mishap when changing a light. In the past, I’ve gotten in trouble for laughing at this kind of stuff, but not at Nemo! We were all laughing! I love the twisted sense of humor we share.

As you know, I got hired on Friday, also. To celebrate, my dad took me out to a nice dinner in the Pearl and then I ordered the most massive Ben & Jerry’s ice cream ever.

On Saturday, Lee & I went to a super cute bar downtown called Valentine’s to meet up with some friends. I usually call him ‘manbeast’ when he doesn’t shave, but luckily, he decided to clean up. Why so glum, chum?

Waffles again?! Haha, I told you that I had a problem!

I’ve been sitting at my desk a ton this week. Blogging & designing are a winning combo!

How was your week?