Daily Archives: June 12, 2008

Link Love: 6.12.08

1. How to Escape Corporate America is funny, sad and totally on the mark. Um…if you get a lucite paperweight thrown at your head, it’s probably time to leave!

2. Gala Darling covers all the bases of traveling (including packing, budgeting and eating!) in How To Have the Best Holiday Ever.

3. I LOVE this book cover. So funny and crafty!

4. I just penned an article about ‘old school’ brands and how they’re still on the minds today’s teens. I was shocked to find that with all the new brands out there, there’s still a bond with Coca-Cola, Nike and McDonald’s. Is this because of their massive advertising budgets or is there another underlying reason?

5. Why Logo Design Does Not Cost $5.00 is full of valid points including the assertion that “professional logo designers have an actual design process that involves research, sketching, conceptualising, and reflection and this is why they do not charge $5.00.”

6. Miss Dior Couture is one of my all-time favorite blogs; every few days, there’s a fashion-based collage with whimsical scribbled notes alongside the hottest trends and models in a way that’s got a super cool art school chick vibe.