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The Week in Pictures: 5/20/08

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

This has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in ages (and that’s saying a lot)! It started off nicely enough as I sipped my morning chai out of a vintage Mademoiselle mug Smokey found at an estate sale. He is always giving me the cutest presents (and they definitely make up for his occasional brotherly brattiness)!

The presents didn’t stop there. Auntie Nubs paid me a visit bearing a miniature plaque complete with a creepily authentic looking deer head. It looks way more real in person; I had a friend peek into the paper bag it was stored in and she jumped back in fear! It’s now happily residing on my office wall.

I managed to grab a free moment to run over to Forever21 and pick up a pair of glasses I’d been coveting. They remind me of Keith Haring in the 80s and though they are quite odd on, they make me feel like an art star of an era long gone.

The week sped up as I attempted to get my 11 x 17 inch portfolio completed. 16 pages of work are stored in beautiful white acrylic. You’ll get to see the finished product next week!

Back at Nemo, thing were also super busy. Dave Allen just set me up on the Social Cache blog where I’ll soon be posting regular features. Besides that, I’ve been working alongside the team on a new ad campaign and the busier I get, the more my pile of sticky notes grows!

I was having a really bad night on Wednesday, so Lee Z packed me up and took me out to buy some treats. So many choices! We decided on vegan sticky buns. Awwwww.

Last night, my dad and some other family members picked me up at Nemo and we all went out to the Kennedy Schoolhouse for a few drinks. Here’s my grandpa and I hangin’ out in the parking lot…

Two homemade hard ciders later, I didn’t feel so stressed out.

How was your week?

Spring 2008 Want List

Yes, I’m guilty of pining after a handful of items this Spring:

1. Green Marni heels, 2. Heart-shaped rubber bands, 3. YSL Y-MAIL patent coinpurse, 4. YSL Biarritz sandal, 5. Nixon Chalet watch in bamboo, 6. Orla Kiely windowpane jacquard cardigan, 7. any Fornasetti plates, 8. Tatty Devine moustache necklace, 9. Live Love Life journal set, 10. Forever21 F5701 sunglasses, 11. limited-edition Rich in Craft handbag, 12. Studio 65 lips sofa.

What’s making your heart pitter-patter this Spring?

P.S. Due to some very tight deadlines, I will not be blogging for the next few days. Thanks for understanding.

The Week in Pictures: 5/13/08

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

I started out the week working on another ceramic red cross. It’s hanging out in the basement with three new pieces…

Though, most of my free time at home was spent sitting at my desk. I graduate in less than three weeks so this week has been filled with late nights trying to get two portfolios together.

I did manage to steal a quiet moment at a cross walk.

On Thursday, I compared iPods with the other design intern at Nemo while our furry friend looked on.

A massive wooden Bambi recently appeared around the corner from my desk. Cute, huh?

Tonight, Lee Z took me out for a walk in Sellwood, a quaint little city with boutique-lined streets outside of Portland. My favorite place there is a book store housed inside of an old red caboose!

Have a great weekend!