The Week in Pictures: 5/30/08

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

I have to admit that this week was a little less eventful (except for the last photo!) because I spent most of my time sitting at computers, namely my school computer, my Nemo computer, and my home computer. So much sitting!

I started off by doing a little cut-and-paste of product names for an upcoming catalog. I love doing this sort of thing- it’s a nice break from the computer.

On Tuesday morning, I spotted my dream car, a vintage Citroen!

Sadly back at home, my stack of collage materials sat untouched.

Long days back at Nemo have called for a late afternoon coffee from Floyd’s down the street. Funny enough, outside of work, I never drink it!

The highlight of the week was climbing into a kiddie cart on my way out from the grocery store. Yes, I got stuck when I tried to get out and yes, passers-by laughed at my expense. I begged Lee to help me out, but he kept snapping pictures instead!

How was your week?

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