Daily Archives: May 16, 2008

The Week in Pictures: 5/13/08

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

I started out the week working on another ceramic red cross. It’s hanging out in the basement with three new pieces…

Though, most of my free time at home was spent sitting at my desk. I graduate in less than three weeks so this week has been filled with late nights trying to get two portfolios together.

I did manage to steal a quiet moment at a cross walk.

On Thursday, I compared iPods with the other design intern at Nemo while our furry friend looked on.

A massive wooden Bambi recently appeared around the corner from my desk. Cute, huh?

Tonight, Lee Z took me out for a walk in Sellwood, a quaint little city with boutique-lined streets outside of Portland. My favorite place there is a book store housed inside of an old red caboose!

Have a great weekend!

What I Wore: 5.15.08

After leaving Nemo yesterday, I went to Office and bought my first ever professional grade portfolio. It’s white acrylic and beautiful! Once I finish getting my work printed, I’ll show you pictures.

Suspender skirt, Doki Geki
Tunic, LA Made
Leggings, AA
Vintage necklace, Ebay
Boots, Dries Van Noten
Purse, Miu Miu

Also, It was damn near 90 degrees in Portland yesterday. Our Summery weather is the best.