Daily Archives: May 1, 2008

Link Love: 5.1.08

1. I completely agree with Steve Pavlina’s article, The Value of Ideas. It doesn’t matter how great an idea is; they’re a dime a dozen. It’s much more admirable to implement them!

2. Hint Mag is loaded with fashionable columns like Jetsetera. Hint: scroll to the bottom for super cool Chanel photos! (I’ll take a pair of these shoes).

3. Rich In Craft’s limited edition handbags have totally won me over. Yes, please:

4. You know all those crazy shoes you see in fashion magazines and swear there’s no way people would wear them out on the street in real life? Well, here’s the proof that they do.

5. Six screenshot utilities you should know about!

6. Gala Darling recently penned How To Deal With Negative Comments on Your Blog and shares the mature way to handle the annoying occurrence!