The Return of Star and Stumptown

My friend Star just visited me for a totally whirlwind weekend that included a day roaming Stumptown, a spur of the moment gallery tour in a big, white van courtesy of my favorite curator, late night wanderings and bus rides, and vanilla cake with fresh strawberries served at 2 a.m. by Lee Z!

After a long day at Stumptown, the magical van hauled us to an afterparty at a comics shop called Cosmic Mokey. As we were leaving and pushing our way through the crowd, an older gentleman glanced at my nameplate necklace and said, “Nubby. That was my bowling name back in Wisconsin!” 


Star and I have trekked all over the U.S. to meet up; New York in 2006, Hollywood in 2007, Portland in 2008 and hopefully San Francisco later this year (with Smokey in tow)! Here’s to many more adventures with my favorite stripey sidekick. You will be missed.

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