Daily Archives: April 27, 2008

The Return of Star and Stumptown

My friend Star just visited me for a totally whirlwind weekend that included a day roaming Stumptown, a spur of the moment gallery tour in a big, white van courtesy of my favorite curator, late night wanderings and bus rides, and vanilla cake with fresh strawberries served at 2 a.m. by Lee Z!

After a long day at Stumptown, the magical van hauled us to an afterparty at a comics shop called Cosmic Mokey. As we were leaving and pushing our way through the crowd, an older gentleman glanced at my nameplate necklace and said, “Nubby. That was my bowling name back in Wisconsin!” 


Star and I have trekked all over the U.S. to meet up; New York in 2006, Hollywood in 2007, Portland in 2008 and hopefully San Francisco later this year (with Smokey in tow)! Here’s to many more adventures with my favorite stripey sidekick. You will be missed.

I *heart* Nemo!

There was a portfolio event at Portland’s world famous stationary and supplies store, Office and though I couldn’t make it, a fellow Nemo-ite was on the panel and so thoroughly described my persona without mentioning me by name that I’ve had three interactions with people bringing it up to me!

Via Coroflot:

The designer from Nemo related a story of an intern applicant from last year, who got hired based on two qualifications. First, that her work as a graphic designer was outstanding, and the second, that the visual style that permeated every piece of information she published–blog, portfolio, MySpace page, even her personal style of dress–held together in a consistent and original way. In her case, it was a strong palette of black, white, and red, a slightly spooky goth-tinged aesthetic, and a strong commitment to personal craft, down to clothes and accessories modified to fit her custom image. “It wasn’t exactly the sort of style we would use here at Nemo,” she explained, “but the fact that she was able to apply this style so universally made us think ‘My God, this woman really knows what she’s doing.'”

Did I mention that I have the best internship ever?!!