Rocket Restaurant, PDX



One of my favorite new restaurants in Portland is Rocket. I was out with my dad last week and it was an accidental discovery (there’s very little signage and you have to take an elevator tucked away in an enclave of the building to the top floor). 


The first thing I noticed when I sat down at the bar were the cute lights (that resembled red crosses at certain angles) and the round silver discs covering the entire ceiling(!) At night, the space glows and has a modern, spare, spaceship vibe. 


The view from my (and my Miu Miu!) seats was spectacular. Being engulfed by the city of Portland along two walls of glass windows is really beautiful at night. Less flashy than the Portland City Grill (and only three floors up instead of twenty-something), it’s a nice place to take someone visiting the city to see some of the skyline. 


The food was very gourmet (maybe too much so for my simple tastes) but I’d already ate too much during happy hour at another restaurant anyway, so I settled on dessert. The service was impeccable and I agree with the waitress that told us, “It’s like your own private treehouse.”

1111 East Burnside Street
Portland Oregon 97214

P.S. When you’re paying your bill, they give you a packet of seeds! I haven’t planted them yet, so it’s a mystery as to what will grow…

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