Link Love: 4.3.08

1. The world’s 50 Most Powerful blogs according to the Guardian.

2. Jazzi MGC is a self-cofessed freelance stylist, super intern, aspiring creative director / fashion editor, Teen Vogue contributor, fashion Addict, creative spirit, and NYC girl by way of LA. What a mouthful! Her blog is an honest look at her life in NYC that somehow manages to encompass school, an internship, a job, and freelance work. She also gives readers awesome internship advice, so take a look!

3. If you’ve ever wondered what pages you should include on your blog and the corresponding information that should fill them, 20 Types of Pages that Every Blogger Should Consider is a helpful cheat sheet.

4. Meet the cutest hard drive ever (hint: it’s bright red and resembles a lego)!

5. One of the most popular bloggers on the internet, Maki asks, “why are you giving your content away for free?” and explains why he’s doing so.

6. The “I am not a paper cup” ceramic cup is perfect for all of you who can’t live without a pit stop to the coffee house each day, but feel guilty about filling up landfills with discarded cups.

7. The dropclock screensaver uses Helvetica to relay the time and is breathtaking.

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