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Feedback Time! This blog has been going strong for over six months now and I love sharing everything I find inspiring with you. With that in mind, I’d like you to tell me how I’m doing!

You can leave a comment below or email me privately at: nubbytwiglet @ (no spaces). 

I truly believe that you can’t expect somethin’ for nothin’ so I’ll be sending out a package of goodies to one lucky recipient who will be drawn at random on April 2nd. You’re welcome to comment anonymously, but please leave an email address if you want a chance at winning!

1. What do you like the best about

2. Is there too much personal content, too little, or is it just right?

3. What would you like to see more of (business and marketing, design, daily outfits, personal experiences, inspirations)? Something else?

4. Is there a topic that you’d like me to cover? How would you feel about a regular ‘Ask Nubby’ column where I answer your questions?

5. Do you prefer image-heavy posts or more content-heavy posts? Or, do you like a mixture of both?

6. Is there anything you think could be done to improve your experiences at

Thank you in advance for your feedback and I’ll be contacting one of you next week!


What I Wore: 3.24.08



I felt like slightly like a mod airline stewardess yesterday. Also, you can’t fully see them, but I got new super tall John Fluevog boots! Love them so much already.

Cardigan, Old Navy
Silk scarf, vintage
Linen dress, F21
Navy fishnets, DKNY
Boots, John Fluevog

Spring Outfits for Every Mood

Spring is here and though it’s still chilly here in Portland, the days are getting longer and slowly but surely, everyone is coming out of hibernation! When I think of spring, bright colors initially come to mind. With winter dressing, it’s easy to pile on the dark layers and blend in (which I’m totally guilty of). So, why not brighten things up a bit?

1. Spring Showers: Now that spring is here, there’s sure to be rainy days ahead, but you can still keep some style with a cute raincoat and a purse that will keep your things dry. The shoes might not keep your feet puddle-free, but at least the patent finish easily wipes clean!

2. Citrusy Spring: Warm up your wardrobe easily with juicy hues. Bright yet sophisticated, this outfit would be perfect for an afternoon in a café or as a prim yet quirky outfit for the office!

3. Spring Sophisticate Okay, I know that some of you just can’t part with your dark ways but at the very least, you can pair must-have accessories with a light-as-air dress.

4. Sunrise Schoolgirl: Everything about this outfit conveys happiness and warmth! Whimsical and match-y and oh-so-cute!

5. Spring Sweet 16: Bright, young, and fun! Take a youthful look to the next level by adding in a designer handbag and a well-made tulle drenched skirt. People will smile as you stroll through the streets!

6. Quirky Spring Academic: Use your spring break to jet-set to a new locale. The travel basics such as a roomy, basic black bag, super practical dark jeans, and fashionable low-heeled sandals pull this look together. (I snuck a Blacktooth Cities shirt in for good measure!)

What are your spring must-haves? Anything you’re dying to add to your wardrobe or wear for the first time?

What I Wore: 3.23.08

A quiet day at home…I don’t own anything in Easter colors (pastels) except a lavender Michael Jackson t-shirt, but it was way too cold to wear it.

Sweater, Abercrombie (thrifted in Texas last week)
Tunic (underneath), LA Made
Jeans, 0123456789
Heart belt, F21
Necklace, Helpless Romantic
Oxfords, Zinda

The Cult of Nemo



A few weeks ago, I showed up to Nemo Design and noticed that a fair amount of the employees were wearing white…a lot of white.

Seems I missed the memo that we were all going to be part of a shoot in the new white photo studio and the final portrait would be given to Judy, the first-ever Nemo retiree as a parting gift. All I had with me were my white boots, so after borrowing a shirt and skirt, I slipped into one of the group shots (at 2:23, baby!) and I have to say, it’s the best cult ever. Any company that lets employees pose in bath robes (with a bottle of whiskey), fur coats, karate uniforms and no pants(!) is good in my book.