Lee Z desiged The ‘EFF YOU MOTHER ‘EFFER shirt and it changed my life. I used to feel so plain, so ordinary, but the second I slipped this shirt on, my looks improved dramatically (see below). Yes, the shirt caused my nose to grow and a huge black mustache to sprout. Awesome!

Adult sizes of the shirt are now available in my online store for $16.00. The shirts are printed with discharge ink so you don’t have to ever worry about cracking!


Adult Small – 17″ wide X 27 1/2″ high
Adult Medium – 18″ wide X 28 1/2″ high
Adult Large – 20″ wide X 29 1/2″ high
Adult Extra Large – 22 1/2″ wide X 30 1/2″ high

NOTE: For orders outside of the U.S., please add $5.00 to your total to cover shipping costs. Paypal won’t let you add it into the shopping cart so please do it in a separate transaction with FOREIGN POSTAGE written in the comments. Let me know if you have any questions!

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