John Fluevog Krista Boots

On Monday, I became the proud owner of these boots. I’ve already owned a pair of Fluevogs for a few years (my mod white boots) but I’ve been searching for some basic tall black boots with a relatively flat, walkable sole for quite some time.

One night, I noticed these in the sale section of the Fluevog site and since I had such good luck with the brand in the past, I decided to give them a go.

It should be noted that Fluevog has some of the best customer service. The site said that orders can take up to two weeks, but I received a phone call the next day letting me know that my boots were in stock and they arrived two days later!

The boots are made in Portugal and of amazing quality; the leather is super thick and shiny, the insides are fully lined in another sheet of leather, and the rubber soles are super comfortable. It’s love.

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