Feedback Time! This blog has been going strong for over six months now and I love sharing everything I find inspiring with you. With that in mind, I’d like you to tell me how I’m doing!

You can leave a comment below or email me privately at: nubbytwiglet @ (no spaces). 

I truly believe that you can’t expect somethin’ for nothin’ so I’ll be sending out a package of goodies to one lucky recipient who will be drawn at random on April 2nd. You’re welcome to comment anonymously, but please leave an email address if you want a chance at winning!

1. What do you like the best about

2. Is there too much personal content, too little, or is it just right?

3. What would you like to see more of (business and marketing, design, daily outfits, personal experiences, inspirations)? Something else?

4. Is there a topic that you’d like me to cover? How would you feel about a regular ‘Ask Nubby’ column where I answer your questions?

5. Do you prefer image-heavy posts or more content-heavy posts? Or, do you like a mixture of both?

6. Is there anything you think could be done to improve your experiences at

Thank you in advance for your feedback and I’ll be contacting one of you next week!


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