2008 Wants and Goals

It’s March already (time flies!), but last week I started thinking more about the list of goals and things in general that I want to accomplish this year. I have a list of 2008 goals taped next to my computer, though it’s not at all graphic and I’m more of a ‘pictures person.’ I want to see what I want; it’s so much more exciting that way! It’s all about visualization!

There’s a lot of intangible things I want (to have and to accomplish) also, but here’s a few of the fun things I’m dreaming of:    


An explanation: Bright colored boots that aren’t black or white, Forever 21 LOVE sweater (just tracked one down!), typography bookends, CB2 milk carton vase, Tatty Devine Lolita glasses necklace, A ‘Black & White Graphic Insight’ solo show, Annual birthday party in NYC to be joined by fellow Virgo Gala Darling (!!), some of the madras pieces in the new Built By Wendy collection, a lips phone (I’ve wanted one for years!), white Doc boots and some Fafi for M.A.C. makeup! (that packaging!)

And, some non-visual goals to strive towards:

1. One solo art show outside of Portland
2. Minimum of 10 group art shows
3. Finish graphic design degree
4. Mail out 30 to 50 art press kits to galleries (about 15 sent so far)
5. Launch new clothing line and website with my brother
6. Make 250 new blog posts this year
7. Finish Project Stubby book collaboration + launch!
8. Visit somewhere warm for Christmas with Lee Z!
9. Finish designing new résumé
10. Minimum of two new Nubbytwiglet.com shirt designs
11. Make five new ceramic red crosses
12. Begin new art series

…That’s all I can come up with the moment! The paper version of this list is always a work in progress, though.

What are your big goals for this year?
Are you staying on track so far??
Any tips for doing so?

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