Monthly Archives: February 2008

Art Flashback: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

This was one of the first pieces of art I made, circa late 2005. I didn’t know where to start (no prior experience making work for a gallery show!), so I began by combining my favorite things; the red cross, a bold fashion magazine image, and printouts of graphic swirls. Subsequently, as I started new art, the process got much easier and streamlined. This piece now resides in Australia. 


These days, I’ve been doing so much graphic design work that I haven’t had much time to focus on fine art. I’m changing that by sending out press kits to galleries again and sneaking moments to plan new pieces. My life reflects my art: always a work in progress. I’m determined to push forward, to make new discoveries, to constantly learn, to take the ups and downs in stride…

A Retirement Party, Nemo Style

Today, Nemo Design threw a farewell bash for Judy, the first employee they ever hired. Of course, this wasn’t your typical ‘retirement party’….  

Trevor presented Judy a handmade book composed of Nemo photos from throughout the years. It featured snapshots of smiling employees, injuries galore, and drunken moments.    

Yes, her cake said “Jude the Dude!”    

Employees both big and small gathered on the couches…    

Andy, Dave Allen and Craig watched the festivities from afar.    

Alex and I saluted another fine Nemo party!    

Rawwwwr. My new favorite office friend! 

Finished Calendar Overview and Download

My first ever calendar is finished! It’s a super compact design and perfect for a desk. Each month is double-sided, but if you don’t have access to duplex printing, both sides can be printed as singles.     


Click into the Downloads section and simply print each on a letter-sized sheet of paper and prop inside a CD case for display!  Each month will be uploaded about a week prior with a reminder here.