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Staying Home is SO Underrated.



My favorite corner is in the living room. It’s really cozy and framed by two massive windows facing the street. The chair was bought years ago off the Target website. The ‘A’ was a gift from my brother; it used to be part of a Honda sign! You’ll probably recognize the light and rug from IKEA’s offerings.


Outfits to Die For!

It’s no secret that I love clothes, though I try not to obsess over clothing; life is too short! When I get dressed, it’s more about being artistic and making myself feel good in the morning. Also, I am all for practicality. I usually layer like mad, with a thin black tunic on the top and dark leggings or skinny jeans on the bottom. I’ve found that once you’ve established a good base, it’s so much easier to throw on some fun pieces without thinking too much.

I don’t like just wearing clothes; I prefer to wear outfits.I’m fairly structured when it comes to colors and silhouettes, rotating around five basic colors (red, black, white, green, and blue) with really modern, basic shapes.

Like the rest of the modern world, I’ve recently discovered the addictive site known as Polyvore, which Rachel Best astutely describes in detail here.

Here are some of the favorite outfits I whipped up, along with brief descriptions:

1. Little Red Riding Hood in the Big City:
If I was shuttling from my cozy little office to a big party in New York City, this would be sure to fit the bill. How can you go wrong mixing both of the Christians (Lacroix for the dress and Louboutin for the red-soled boots)?!  

2. A Little Bit Mod, A Little Bit Rock n’ Roll:
I love the skinny lines and androgyny of the classic mod look. In never hurts to have false eyelashes and a pale lipstick on hand! Glam it up with some patent finish winklepickers and a clever designer purse.
3. The Polished Lolita:
The allure of the Lolita look has never faded away, though it’s set to make a massive comeback this Spring, if Miu Miu’s newest ad campaign is any indication…
4. Gray Days:
If you’re having a laid back day, liven up head-to-toe black with a single accent color. Gray brightens up a basic black outfit without yelling ‘look at me!’ This look is fun and comfortable, without completely blending in. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Chloe motorycle boots!
5. The Art of Spring:
There’s a reason why neutrals aren’t on the color wheel. If you do decide to wear a bold color or pattern, keep the rest of your outfit understated, as to not blind passers-by! Think of the rest of your outfit as an anchor to an amazing statement piece.
6. Modern Le Smoking:
Riff the classic French statement made famous by YSL by adding some fun accessories: an amazing acrylic moustache necklace, black beret, and a futuristic digital watch! Oui!
7. Ooh La La!
A burst of red is always cheerful…unless your reds don’t match! Once of my biggest pet peeves is when someone piles on clashing shades of scarlet- it becomes distracting. But perhaps I’m a wee bit overzealous! How about this confident, charmingly girly get-up?

What are your favorite wardrobe staples these days? Show me!
(Mine are still an oversized UO sweater with ampersand pin, along with the same ol’ white boots to keep me warm!)

The Glamorous Life



I know that it’s time to go grocery shopping when I’m eating ramen for dinner. Why is shopping for clothes infinitely more enjoyable?! It’s not like I need them to live or anything… 


What I Wore: 1.17.08



In the background is the newly revamped photo studio at Nemo. Beautiful, isn’t it?! The floors are now white and sealed in a shiny epoxy. I wanted to show off my new favorite shirt by fellow Nemo graphic designer Andy, who also runs Tribute Skateboards. I’m proud to be a Portland People Eater, whatever that means!

Shirt, Tribute Skateboards
Striped l/s shirt, Gap
Knit beret, F21
Jeans, Levi’s
Belt, Wild & Lethal Trash
Heeled oxfords, Made By Elves