Oh, the Glossy Black Glee.



I was flipping through this month’s Domino when an offer near the back of the issue caught my attention: Modern Dose was offering a buy one, get one free special (with free shipping!) on these S shaped chairs. So, as you can see from the below dramatization, I now have two of these:    


Modern Dose’s version is inspired by the Panton originals, but with this special, they are much more affordable and come in way better colors (like the super shiny black you see above!) The chairs are surprisingly practical, as well: they can be stacked up to four high and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Can’t you just imagine these black beauties surrounding a swimming pool?! Needless to say, I now have appropriate seating for visitors and if something gets spilled, I can smile and simply wipe them clean. Ah, the ease of modern life!

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