Link Love: 1.24.08

1. A Reality Check About Blogging for Money gives you the the truth about the prospect of earning money from your blog.

2. Make your bookcase a baroque masterpiece (with a few rolls of wrapping paper some other household supplies)!

3.The Urban Library Alpha Bookends are a perfect way to keep your favorite design books organized! (via rachel best blogs.)

4. In my opinion, this is some of the best food packaging ever; sure to put a smile on your face.

5. 10 remarkable (and free) WordPress themes!

6. Hotelier Jeff Klein does an amazing job of remembering Heath Ledger. His story is totally worth a read– it includes an encounter where Heath winked at an event planner to help Klein secure a lucrative job!

It seems like everyone is commenting on his death and I feel uncomfortable in my own skin thinking about him and his untimely passing. I have the image of the time I saw him burned into my mind: Last September 11th, my plane landed in New York City very early in the morning. Not able to check into my hotel, I was wandering through lower Manhattan when I got caught in a terrible rainstorm. Huddled under a store awning with many other pedestrians, I stood next to a beautiful model chatting on her cell phone. Little did I know that she had been chatting with Heath, who nonchalantly walked up and took her inside. Right then, a group of teens swarmed him and I remember turning around and watching him graciously pausing for a few autographs and snapshots. Even when he was going incognito in a black coat, jeans, dark sunglasses and a messy ponytail, his presence was still instantly felt. That’s the way I’ll remember him.

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