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Erin Fetherston for Target Go International Review

Recently, I purchased two items from the Erin Fetherston for Target Go International collection. I was particularly excited about this collection because of its romantic, young fairy tale-ish looks. It by far has the most defined, original style since Luella’s Go International debut.


Erin Fetherston fascinates me because after graduating from college in California, she moved to Paris even though she barely spoke French. After finishing a degree at the Paris outpost of Parsons, she took the rare step of immediately launching her own couture collection instead of working under someone else at an established fashion house. 


The Heart Handbag in red is much larger and even better quality than I expected. Made of a durable faux suede, it is fully lined in a cream cotton heart print and has a small interior pocket. Additionally, there is a magnetic clasp closure inside near the top. The handles are long enough that you can comfortably sling it over your shoulder. I’ve been carrying this bag every day and it gets constant complements. It’s roomy enough to hold your lunch, favorite magazines and umbrella comfortably. The bag sold out almost immediately after its release, but it may be worth checking Ebay for your own! 


The Corduroy Jumper in barn red is another winner. I love it so much that I’ve worn it about ten times in the last three weeks! It’s made of a super fine wale corduroy and in person it’s more of a rich burgundy. The buttons are fully functioning and each is covered in the same corduroy fabric as the dress. There are pockets on each side of the button placket and the finishing is very refined for a lower-priced clothing line.

One warning: this runs large by a full size. I ordered a small and an extra small would have been a much better fit. After reading the online reviews, this seems to be a common consensus. 


Overall, I give both items a 5/5. They are much nicer in person and the finishing details are more impressive than the website shows (such a rarity!) I applaud Go International for taking chances with the designers they’ve chosen so far. They’re willing to make edgier choices than many of their mainstream competitors and the Erin Fetherston collection has proven that a low price point and high quality can coexist!


Roger Dubuis Red Cross Watch


Flipping through American Vogue back in 2004, I spotted the most amazing watch ever, designed by Geneva-based master watchmaker, Roger Dubuis. I love the strong symbolism of the red cross and this is much nicer than the $12.99 Target watch I’ve been wearing for the last two years, dirty faux-leather band and all! I tracked it down online and someone bought it for only $14,000.00!! A girl can dream, can’t she??

In more practical terms, these two brands have some viable options: 

Nixon watches: tough and well-designed

Nooka watches: space age fantastic!


Nubby On The Move!



Hello Lovelies,

I haven’t been been around these parts much due to moving. Wrapping vintage dishes in newspaper before work, going to work, then coming home from work to pack and move has been my existence for the past few days. As soon as I’m done (and make a few more trips to IKEA!), I’ll share the results with you and have some fun decorating + organization tips!

What I Wore: 12.13.07

Last night, I had a little art show at Portland boutique Blue. The work will be up all month. Their merchandise is fresh and unique and I love the shops lining Mississippi St. I’ve had this pinafore for many years, but it hadn’t been worn since Halloween 2006!  


Vintage Pinafore, Ebay
Black tunic, LA Made
Leggings, AA
Knit beret, F21
Purse, Miu Miu
Lace-front oxfords, Made By Elves
Nameplate necklace, Helpless Romantic

Link Love 12.13.07

1. If you have a New York lover on your hands this holiday season, look no further than the super chic MUJI New York handkerchief. (via swissmiss).

2. The Ten Favorite Freelance Blogs list is brimming with helpful information and links! (via Freelance Switch).

3. This has to be one of the best corporate catalog designs I’ve ever seen. A breath of fresh air! (also via swissmiss).

4. Ophelia Chong uses a special letter press called the Vandercook to print oversized letters and numerals on found images. A perfect marriage between graphic design and fine art, her work is a must see.

5. I just found the perfect basic black boots but is it weird that I’m afraid to buy them because they’re by Jessica Simpson??

6. An argument for the usage of Blackletter typefaces can be found here, courtesy of things to look at.