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What I Wore: 11.22.07



Every time I am near Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast, it’s necessary to stop and pose next to this sea captain statue! Charming, isn’t he? Past evidence of this statue-posing tradition can be seen  here and here.  

I’m wearing:

Red pashmina, Canal Street, NYC
Houndstooth jumper, F21
Beret, Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Jeans, Levi’s
Coat, Proenza Schouler for Target Go International
Boots, John Fluevog

A Dash of Color: Mini Collages

Note: My Thanksgiving trip to Astoria and the Oregon Coast was amazing and I have so much to share! Unfortunately, I am getting ready for finals and some art shows all weekend, so I haven’t had a chance to get to the photos yet. In the meantime, here’s some color! About a year ago, I found these vintage game cards in a Goodwill bin and made a series of tiny, bright collages to pin to my wall. Sometimes, it’s nice to work informally and to keep things simple… 


Objects & Surroundings

I’m very particular about what I buy; I like being surrounded only by my favorite things. Overall, I prefer objects that are graphic and associated good memories.

1. My first pair of expensive shoes– the Kors Firebird wedges from a few years back. They were worth every penny, as they’ve made appearances on my business cards and in my artwork. Also, I have stacks of NEST magazines– long gone, which is sad since it was one of the best interior design magazines out there.

2. iMac keyboard and some vintage glasses from a street fair in Greenwich Village. The NAVA pencils are from Seattle.

3. Vintage $1.00 piece of dishware, some design books, and stacks of NEST.

4. Stripey copies of the Louboutin Sing-Sings + a 2007 Stendig calendar.

I wish I could say that I always choose function over fashion…but sadly, that’s not the case. Whether it’s functional or not, a product’s label (typography-wise, not the brand name) and design always draw me in first.

*Decorating Sidenotes:

1. Use stacks of similar magazines to your advantage, especially if they have interesting spines. I pile up the NEST issues (1) and use them as risers to create depth for object displays.

2. Display everyday objects as art. Do you have unique shoes, books, toys, vintage cameras or amazing dishware lingering in boxes or closets? Show them off proudly in unique clusters instead.

3. The used months on the Stendig calendar (4) can be repurposed as graphic wrapping paper, mixed into collages, or cut into book protectors.

P.S. Are you a believer in fashion or function?

Silliness, Taglines, and a Mini Vacation…



It’s not like I ever expected to get a job at Apple anyway….
This is my new introductory image on the ‘About’ page.



You can’t live without them (really!), but they seem mysterious, intangible, and impossible to dream up at times. I’ve been trying to come up with one for my blog, but I’m not so sure about my list so far. After doing some research online, it seems like this is a common problem. Some people even admitted that they’ve been brainstorming on taglines for a YEAR with no luck!Taglines play an important role is setting visitors’expectations about what your blog is about. Vaspers the Grate has a compelling list of 59 blog taglines currently being used; the consensus seems to be that the shorter and more concise, the better.

Tagline Ideas for

1. The Art of Everyday Life
2. Art Imitating Life / Life Imitating Art
3. Art-Official Intelligence4. Art & Advice for the Fashionable….hmmm.


A Mini Vacation:

In other news, I’m pretty excited about Thanksgiving this year because I’m taking a mini vacation outside of the city. Lee Z and I are heading over to Astoria on the Oregon Coast, which is famous for being the the filming location of Goonies. I’ve been to various beaches so many times along the coastline (I think my coworker Brent and I hit five alone in one day this Summer!), but I have never stopped in Astoria for some reason. The pictures in this post make me giddy.

What are you doing for the extended holiday? Any super amazing plans?
(I usually just sit at home every year, avoiding festivities altogether. I’m probably a total mythical figure at this point to my extended family). 

Shock of the New: Red Shoes

I just got new red shoes that are a bit elfy (and a bit granny). They have cute little ruffled edges and teeny bows and feel like slippers. Get your own here from Urban Outfitters. It’s been super chilly here in Portland, so I’ve been wearing them around the haus with super monsterous H&M legwarmers– not the best look, but oh so cozy!