Daily Archives: November 25, 2007

The Oregon Coast: Charming Beach Cottages



On the way to Astoria, we stopped in Cannon Beach (my favorite town along the Oregon Coast by far) and drove down sandy side roads, spying quaint little beach cottages. I snapped photos of my two favorites; both were slightly weathered and full of personality! The angles on the above roof made me think it belonged in a tiny Bavarian Village.   


This one was extra special because the address was so cute (123?!!) and it even had a wee flower box. My dream would be to own a tiny, cozy cabin near the beach to make the occasional escape from city life. The Oregon Coast in the Fall and Winter has overcast skies, a brisk wind, and is surrounded by a sense of quiet, except for the crashing waves. On Thanksgiving morning, the beach was nearly deserted…