A Brief Summary of Nubbytwiglet.com: The Five Ws


photo by Bianca Alexis

Since re-launching my website in a blog format this Spetember, the number of visitors has grown significantly. It feels like a good time now to offer a more in-depth explanation about who I am, what I do, and what the aim of this blog is.


Nubby Twiglet is obviously not my real name. Originally, it was made up to define my alter-ego. One of my nicknames in high school was Twiggy (I loved the sixties model) and I later modified it to Twiglet. Nubby was a word I used to describe things that were small and cute, though nubby is more commonly used as a fashion term to define fabric that is coarse or knobbly in texture. I wanted to use a name that was made up, since I figured that there was less of a chance that it was already being used. Nubby Twiglet was born in 2001.Nubby Twiglet was a big joke until the Summer of 2004. It was used exclusively online and was meant to keep my everyday life distinctly separate. My new boyfriend at the time had only heard of me from others who knew me online so it felt more natural to call me Nubby. We went on a cross-country trip in December 2004 and along the way, he introduced me as ‘Nubby’ to all of his friends and family. Pretty soon, it was impossible to escape and I began to embrace it, signing all my artwork and rebranding my designs with the moniker.


The Nubbytwiglet.com blog is summed up by the following: Art personality Nubby Twiglet posts daily musings on fashion, design and business, as well as glimpses of her personal work and travels.Art and design are my passions; I work with them in some way every day. I also intern at Nemo Design in Portland, Oregon. Business and marketing appeal to me as much as making art, and I think of clothing as a form of self-expression and decoration. It seemed natural for me to combine all of my favorite things into one blog. Sharing ideas and images that I find inspiring comes naturally and the blog format is a perfect platform for this; a constant barrage of new content in an easy to navigate interface!I do my best to write all articles from scratch and shoot + edit accompanying photos so that the content here comes from a unique and original perspective. It takes longer to produce content this way, but I am a believer in quality over quantity.


The original Nubbytwiglet.com site was launched in 2003 and re-launched on September 10, 2007 in a blog format. The aim is to post fresh, inspiring content five times a week (or as my schedule allows).


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I still reside here today. The motto here is “KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD.” Artists and other creatives abound everywhere here. It’s true, we pride ourselves on recycling, have an awe-inspiring amount of coffee shops and think riding bikes and taking public transportation is way cooler than driving cars. I’ve entertained the idea of moving to New York City many times- it’s my favorite place to visit and I love the energy of the city. Portland is definitely more liveable, but I adore the 24-hour nonstop energy of New York.


Sharing should be encouraged. Ideas cannot be owned- we each have the ability to adapt a vision into our own. I want to share all that I’ve learned and everything I make with the world. Constantly inspired by others’ work, I want to give something back. The blogging trend is here to stay; I love the constant creation of content and the ease of doing so in a user-friendly format.


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