My New Desk Plus 3 Workspace Tips

I recently updated my home workspace and I couldn’t be happier with the results! The makeover began this Summer when I finally bought a 20 inch Imac. After that, I decided that it was time to buy a bigger desk and a swivel chair. These images were taken at different times over a week so some show more clutter than others!

I cannot emphasize the importance of a comfortable workspace enough! Always remember:

1. Buy a desk and chair you really like.

The cost should be a secondary thought- I say this because this is a place where you will likely sit every day for many years and if you make the proper choice and investment the first time around, it will pay off in the long run. Do a little cost analysis- divide the cost of your dream set-up by the number of years you plan on using it and chances are, it’s less expensive that you thought.

I replaced my old desk with a new set-up from IKEA. The benefit of IKEA (besides the ridiculously low prices) is that you can mix and match components to create a custom work station. For instance, I picked a midsize white tabletop ($15.00!), two white metal legs for the right side ($5.00 each), and a mini shelving system for the left ($40.00). My chair is also by IKEA– it’s the JULES swivel chair and it’s surprisingly comfortable. Remember, if you run a business you can write off your shiny new set-up on taxes!

IKEA has made mixing and matching your own workspace super easy; click here on the workspace section and at the bottom center, there’s a section called Table tops & legs where you can test out configurations. The mini shelving system I picked out has an adjustable shelf so it’s easy to store books, storage boxes, or supplies.

2. Cover the surrounding walls (or corkboard) with plenty of inspiration and keep objects and art you love close by!

I like to keep pens, brushes, and scissors next to my computer for note jotting and non-digital inspiration. Also, a set of matching pencils, a spöka night light and a french curve are indispensable! Art-wise, I have a framed Swiss Institute poster from 2003 that I found in NYC sitting on my desk to create depth and the first large piece of art I ever made, Mouth With Pill hanging directly above it.

3. Organization is key.

Some people claim that they work better while surrounded by chaos, but there is something very zen and mind-clearing about a clean and organized workspace.

&#9829 Use fancy patterned mugs, empty POM iced tea jars, and ornate pencil cups (my white porcelain one is from Target) to keep stray objects together.

&#9829 Pick up a 2008 Moleskine Day Planner to jot down daily thoughts and tasks (the red is super limited edition and won’t last much longer).

&#9829 Notepad cubes are an easy alternative to large notebooks and a super space saver for desks (my houndstooth version is by Isaac Mizrahi for Target).

More workspace inspiration:

&#9829 rooms i *heart* on Flickr is a magical set of pictures stuffed with over 600 images of decorated rooms.

&#9829 The On My Desk blog chronicles the workspaces of artists, illustrators, and designers. I was an early participant!

&#9829 See Jane Work features matching pencil sets and 2008 Stendig calendars. The Stendig is the gold standard– a modern masterpiece.

&#9829 Stock up on note cards and cute packing tape in the stationary section over at

&#9829 You’ll find the most colorful magnetic boards and whimsical magnets over at three by three.

&#9829 If you’re a techie that’s desperately trying to get back in touch with nature, the wooden USB stick is for you!

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