Daily Archives: October 29, 2007

Nemo Design Halloween 2007

We celebrated Halloween early this year at Nemo Design on Saturday. Lee drove my car to the party and I bet it’s the first time Jesus has driven a Jetta! He did a mighty fine job, considering that he had stigmatas on his hands and was wearing flip-flops.  



Steve Perry and a boyscout pal make small talk. Smokey kept telling me how ugly I was…which was quite ironic, coming from a face like that! I couldn’t drink anything all night; my nose was too long.  


He was wearing bear claw slippers and people had spilled alcohol everywhere. I was cringing as he shuffled through huge puddles. Hopefully the bear claws got a good spin through the wash machine after the party.  



Jesus put the fear of God into little Smokey (trust me, he needs it). Look at that face! I can’t believe my Mom spent so much money to get his teef fixed.  


There was a massive dance party with deejays in the photo studio. Totally awesome!  


Dave Allen was Fidel Castro, which was pretty convincing until he talked. Fidel doesn’t have a British accent, does he?!!  


On the way back to the car, Jesus turned the corner on 20th and Belmont and there was a message on the side of an electrical box: “NOW IS ALL YOU HAVE.” Well said.

Coke: The Real Thing


Some of the photos from my NY shoot are beginning to roll in. Bianca took a few hundred photos over a two day period in September. The bottle was a happy accident; I just happened to be walking through Saks when a suited man offered up Coke in vintage-y glass bottles and mini red velvet cupcakes! NY still has that magical spark when you least expect it.