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New York: The Swiss Institute

The Swiss Institute is a venue featuring art by Swiss artists in New York City. It is located on 495 Broadway (3rd floor) in a Soho loft and is definitely worth a visit. Admission is free and exhibits change about every two months. The space is spare and modern and there are often films playing in the back room (I just saw an experimental piece on Elvis last week).

The above image is from a membership brochure I picked up; the flag hanging at the entrance of the Swiss Institute has been redesigned by artist Olaf Breuning and will be visible until November 24th. I personally love it and wish it would stay forever! 

Three reasons you should love the Swiss:

1. Helvetica was created in Switzerland in 1957.
2. Swiss posters feature some of the best graphic design in the world.
3. It’s the birthplace of the Red Cross movement.

Return to Portlandia



I’m back in Portland, severely jetlagged, readjusting, trying to get used to the quiet. I start back to my final year of graphic design classes tomorrow. Also, I’m getting work together for three group shows; it’s going to be a busy next few months. Though I miss NY, it is nice to be back in my room, back to familiar surroundings, in the company of the (above) little friends.

The Cutest Light Ever: Sp&#246ka by IKEA

A few weeks ago, I was walking through the lighting department at IKEA and came across this children’s nightlight called Sp&#246ka. I’ll admit, my main reason for purchasing it was for looks, but it’s also quite genius in design. Unplugged, the charge lasts 4-6 hours and the inner diode light, though not replaceable, lasts 50,000 hours! The outer shell is made of a soft silicone and can be turned on by pressing on the top of the head. It has a warm red glow and I’ve been using it as a desk light.

If red isn’t your color, how about:

&#9829 Green or Blue?

The Seventh Goodbye


Today was the start of Oktoberfest and my last morning in New York City, so I joined friends at Zum Schneiders’ German restaurant on Avenue C for lunch and drinks. It was a fitting goodbye, since I just missed all the Oktoberfest festivities in Portland. I’m sitting at JFK waiting for my plane to board… I’ll miss my friends, the aimless wandering, the loads of grafitti layering every surface, the bars that stay open until 4.a.m., feeling the electricity and energy hum in every corner of the city, squishing into subway cars, the lack of perfection and new-ness that adds to the old world charm, a separate store for everything imaginable (instead of suburban superstores that lack soul), and the sense that anything is possible.But, I feel okay because I know that goodbye isn’t forever and Lee Z will be waiting for me at the Portland airport and I have school and work (yeah, they actually let me take a three week hiatus!) and an internship I’ve been excited to start for weeks now. It’s going to be a hard adjustment, but I think I’m ready, I think it’s what I need right now. Nine months (three semesters) left until I am free of school, free of a lot of things. By then, I hope I’ll be ready to move on with the next chapter of my life.