New York: The Swiss Institute

The Swiss Institute is a venue featuring art by Swiss artists in New York City. It is located on 495 Broadway (3rd floor) in a Soho loft and is definitely worth a visit. Admission is free and exhibits change about every two months. The space is spare and modern and there are often films playing in the back room (I just saw an experimental piece on Elvis last week).

The above image is from a membership brochure I picked up; the flag hanging at the entrance of the Swiss Institute has been redesigned by artist Olaf Breuning and will be visible until November 24th. I personally love it and wish it would stay forever! 

Three reasons you should love the Swiss:

1. Helvetica was created in Switzerland in 1957.
2. Swiss posters feature some of the best graphic design in the world.
3. It’s the birthplace of the Red Cross movement.

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