New York: The East Village

Yesterday I spent the morning in the East Village and the Lower East Side. The East Village is still by far my favorite part of the city. It’s definitely losing some of its grit and charm as big businesses move in and glass condos sneak into the blocks, but I still adore the tiny shops, the mix of nationalities and the surfaces covered in grime and stickers. 


BAMN! is on St. Mark’s Place and always draws me in- it’s the return of the automant where for a handful of change, you can get warm food in an instant! 


Search & Destroy is a punk-inspired vintage store also on St. Marks and I loved the wheat pasted signs on their door. 


The heads of German and Greek doctors and scientists are carved into the entrance of this hospital. 


I noticed this antiques / odds and ends shop on East 9th near 1st Ave. and I thought their window display was really cool. If I lived here, I would’ve snapped these letters up in an instant (even if they would take up my entire room!) 


I love the frozen in time feel of Kat’s Deli, New York City’s oldest deli which has been in existence since 1888! (This is actually on the edge of the LES.) That glass highrise of condos being built in the background wasn’t there a year ago….

♥ If you want to to know more about the history of the East Village, this is worth reading.
♥ My friend’s apartment bedroom on St. Mark’s Place is featured on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Physical Graffiti’ album. How cool is that?!
♥ This NY Times article details the resistant nature of East Village inhabitants to corporate change and chronicles the rich ethnicity of the neighborhood.
♥ A photo gallery featuring all the St. Mark’s Place funkiness…I probably should’ve taken more pictures but I have pile of about a hundred from this area snapped on past trips…

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