Blacktooth Clothing: Summer 2007

As many of you probably already know, my brother (real name: Carey Haider, nickname: Smokey!) runs a t-shirt company, Blacktooth. I wish I had been as successful as him at 24! He sells to clothing boutiques worldwide and thinks nothing of it. People thinks it’s odd that we’re so close, but we’ve always been into the same things; graphic design and fashion and trouble makin’! Last week, we took photos of the new releases; we both wore a men’s size small shirt in each photo to contrast the way the shirt would fit a man and woman:  




P.S. What’s your favorite t-shirt line? Links, please!!

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  1. Jesse says:


    So in summer of 2007 I happened across one of your brothers t-shirts ( I believe). It ended up becoming one of my favorite t shirts and I basically wore it till it was in tatters. It’s a graphic tee of a sea of naked women (without showing exposed body parts). Did he design this t-shirt? If so, does he know where I could possibly get another one. Thanks


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