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Blacktooth Clothing: Summer 2007

As many of you probably already know, my brother (real name: Carey Haider, nickname: Smokey!) runs a t-shirt company, Blacktooth. I wish I had been as successful as him at 24! He sells to clothing boutiques worldwide and thinks nothing of it. People thinks it’s odd that we’re so close, but we’ve always been into the same things; graphic design and fashion and trouble makin’! Last week, we took photos of the new releases; we both wore a men’s size small shirt in each photo to contrast the way the shirt would fit a man and woman:  




P.S. What’s your favorite t-shirt line? Links, please!!

5 Reasons Why You Should Love Oahu

1. The public bus stop near the airport

The cost can’t be beat. If you walk a quarter mile down straight down the highway from the airport, you can jump on a bus heading toward the main Waikiki hotels for $2.00. No $50.00 cab rides necessary here (sorry, I’ve spent a small fortune getting from JFK into Manhattan!)

2. The Hawaiian Monarch

This hotel is a five minute walk to Waikiki Beach and half the price of the more tourist-y hotels on the main strip. It’s not fancy, but who sits in their hotel room all day when pristine beaches await anyway?

3. Alamoana Shopping Center

This is the largest outdoor mall in the world. Also, it features the most amazing food court ever with over 40 options, many Asian-themed. The variety of stores is mind-boggling. Chanel, Dior, Neiman Marcus await, with the more affordable Sears and Old Navy thrown in.

4. The rest of the island

If you’re going to be in town more than a handful of days, rent a car and escape the tourist-ridden Waikiki. I spent a full day visiting quaint surfing towns, running into the Pacific, and making a pit-stop at the Kona Brewing Company, set on the docks of the scenic Koko Marina. The happy hour menu is full of tasty food and drink specials at unbelievable deals!

5. The Oahu Stadium Swap Meet

This destination has the best deals on tourist trinkets. Visit for deals like $7.00 for jumbo beach towels and $20.00 for 8 shirts; it’s definitely worth the $1.00 price of admission. And, if you’re weary of the public bus ride back to Waikiki, spend a few dollars extra to get a shuttle ride from a local. We had ‘The Wolf’ driving us and trust me, it was worth it just for the surfing stories!

I made my first trip to Oahu earlier this month; more photographic evidence soon!

Welcome to the new!

 Greetings, earthlings! I am really excited about the new and improved which has just been relaunched in a blog format! I’ve had a mad crush on the ease and adaptability of WordPress for quite some time and from now on, I will be updating the front page of my site with doses of art, design, fashion, and style almost daily! For the last six years, I’ve kept a Live Journal, but there’s so much more I want to share with you, like my new favorite shoes, works in progress, and, of course, bed jumping! The rest of the website has also been expanded to provide you with more information about who I am and what I do. As always, you can email me and I’ll do my best to respond to every message. Thanks for your support!