Instant Photo Love with the Fuji Instax Square

Nubby Twiglet | Instant Photo Love with the Fuji Instax Square

I’ve been attempting to take more photos outside of my phone this year and the Fuji Instax SQ10 is making it so much easier.

You’re probably familiar with Fuji Instax cameras — most came in the mini film format but this updated version takes square photos. Even better, it has a preview screen! I can’t tell you how many packs of film (which aren’t cheap!) I’ve wasted on blown-out, burry, badly composed shots in the past.

With the SQ10, there’s an SD card so you can shoot as many photos as you want and then view and print only the versions you like. I know this seems counter-intuitive for an instant camera…but it saves so much waste. I also like having the backup of my memories on the card so if a photo gets lost or destroyed (or a friend wants one!) I can just print another.

Like the mini, there are different packs of film and while white borders have that classic Polaroid look, I’m really liking the black for a modern twist. Quality-wise, I haven’t noticed much of a difference between this and my truly instant versions — they still have that polaroid photo style look.

I have a stack of Instax photos I’ve taken over the last week sitting on my desk and it makes me so happy having these memories. It’s all about those simple pleasures. You can get the camera here and the black border film here. -Shauna

Knickerbocker x The New York Times Collab

Nubby Twiglet |  Knickerbocker x The New York Times Collab

Since I moved to Palm Springs last year, I haven’t bought much in the wardrobe department. With so much needed renovation-wise with our house, I’ve put all my focus and energy there. But…recently, the Knickerbocker x NY Times collection caught my eye. It’s so classic, beautifully made and doesn’t feel like it will ever date. These things are something I give a lot more consideration now, not wanting to be weighed down with a closet full of items that just don’t work or bring me joy.

Nubby Twiglet |  Knickerbocker x The New York Times Collab

The whole collection is great but my favorite piece by far is the New York Herald Tribune shirt. The thick knit makes it feel more like a short-sleeve sweater and the history behind this is really cool. Jean Seberg wore this design in the 1960 film Breathless and they’ve recreated it down to every tiny detail!

If The New York Herald Tribune doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because it hasn’t been around since 1966 but The New York Times owns the trademark. I love, love, love this piece so much that I just got the lighter-weight version for summer.

No matter how much styles change, you can’t go wrong with a solid t-shirt! -Shauna

Product photos courtesy of The New York Times.

Do The Common Things Uncommonly Well

Nubby Twiglet | Do The Common Things Uncommonly Well

This year, I’ve been thinking often about the famous Henry Heinz quote, “Do the common things uncommonly well.”

In a world where we’re pressured to do more and cram as much into each day as possible, what would happen if we pushed back and simplified?

Let’s instead choose to focus on accomplishing each task we already have on our plates to the best of our ability before piling on more. To me, that sounds refreshing for a change. -Shauna

Yellow Co. New Mexico Solopreneur Retreat

Yellow Co. New Mexico Solopreneur Retreat

Over the weekend, I finalized my teaching outline for the upcoming Yellow Co. retreat in New Mexico and it feels good to finally cross a big item off my list after spending most of last year in-flux during the big PS move.

I’ll be joining Yellow as a coach for a long weekend dedicated to creative solopreneurs. Learn more and sign up for the Solopreneur Retreat here.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of formulating a plan for your self-run venture, a freelancer making extra income on the side or looking to up-level your current business, my goal is to make sure you leave the long weekend with a really firm understanding of what it takes to run a business in a way that aligns with your personal goals and values.

The modules will be fast-paced and full of applicable, real-world advice. I’ve also sprinkled in plenty of stories about the ups and downs of running a small business and will be sharing the documents we personally use at my design studio to onboard new clients.

The following topics will be covered during our time together:

• Getting Started

• Pricing For Success

• Attracting Dream Clients

• Processes That Work

• Money, Money, Money

• Defining Growth + Success

• Managing Staff + Clients

• Marketing Yourself

• Self-Care

• Avoiding The Rut

• Creative Resources

I’d love to see you in New Mexico! -Shauna

What’s Missing from the Small Business Conversation?

Nubby Twiglet | What’s Missing from the Small Business Conversation?

This week, I’m putting the finishing touches on my Yellow Co. teaching outline for our upcoming New Mexico retreat (you’re welcome to come along — I’d love to see you there!) and want to make sure it’s as applicable as possible to those of you who freelance / run a small business or are dreaming of stepping out on your own.

There’s enough fluff out there and and part of the reason I took a few year break from teaching is that I wanted to dive head-on into my own small business and grow from some serious hands-on experience. My goal is to filter those experiences into content that really creates the shift so many of you are seeking, allowing you to grow your business and in turn, shape your life on your own terms.

At the same time, I realize that we’re often too close to our own content and in an effort to avoid overlooking obvious areas, I’d love to hear what you feel is missing from the small business / freelancer conversation.

What do you really want to know?

What do you wish was talked about more openly?

Are there any struggles you’re personally having?

There’s so much we can learn from one another and adding your voice to the mix can really make a difference. -Shauna